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Systems Process

Guru IT Solutions process ensures that your IT network performs reliably and effectively. Our integrated IT support planning can respond to your changing business needs for the current and future course of business.

Guru IT Solutions' 5–Step IT Systems Process:

Step 1 Assessment

We do a complete in-depth technology audit and gather data to study your existing resources such as computing environment, network architecture and technology-related issues. To make technology work for you is our primary goal and for that we will obtain a comprehensive understanding of your business strategy, goals, revenue models, and how technology is integrated into your business, because these are the keys of your success.

Step 2 Recommendations

With your business focus in mind, our analysis and research results are summarized and presented with a solution that best fits your business. Our recommendations comprise a network management and maintenance plan, with action steps, a network map, focused objectives, and other schedules of support.

Step 3 Implementation

Whether we are reconfiguring or updating your current infrastructure or designing an entirely new one, we will handle all aspects of the process including design, strategic planning, consulting, project management, specification, implementation, testing, training and documentation.

Step 4 Monitoring

We ensure that your technology suits your business and performs effectively. We offer remote monitoring and alerting systems that give us an around-the-clock status of all critical systems and send alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Step 5 Maintenance

Guru IT Solutions offers a proactive approach that will help you enhance system stability and reduce emergency calls, through regular and affordable on-site and remote maintenance and support.

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