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Brent Hernandez was born an Air Force brat in Moses Lake Washington in 1961. After moving from base to base in the Air Force his family finally settled in Northern California in the small town of Rohnert Park. He graduated from Rancho Cotati High School in 1979. In college at the University of Southern California he became a mainframe system operator in his freshman year. This status was achieved however as a compromise by the computer science department to circumvent the successful hacking of their security and monitoring programs Brent had accomplished... all in the interest of Computer Science of course.

Brent's working career started at the local RADIO SHACK in Rohnert Park. After assisting in the opening of this store he became the youngest store manager in California at the age of 19. Brent managed the downtown Santa Rosa Radio Shack for 4 years spending every available hour tinkering with the TRS-80 computer systems Radio Shack manufactured at the time.

Brent moved on and worked as a field technician and eventually a Senior Network Engineer with a variety of Network support companies in Northern California. During this time he attained the technical certifications of Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CNA, Novell CNE, and Citrix CCNA. Brent has designed and deployed several nation-wide network implementations and migration projects. These have included IP infrastructure and WAN routing designs for companies with offices all over the country and sometimes the world. His experiences have ranged from the single server small office to hundreds of servers and thousands of workstations.

Brent, his wife Laura, and their four sons live in Petaluma, about an hour north of San Francisco. They have lived in the community for the last 13 years and his wife Laura was born and raised there.

Guru IT Solutions was founded in August of 2007 and is a family business. His wife Laura is the Office Manager and acting Vice President and his oldest son Geoff is a Field Technician. Guru IT Solutions' goal is to provide the highest quality IT solutions and support, however Brent holds honesty, ethics, and integrity above all else. Guru IT Solutions is a premier provider of quality computer networking services in Northern California. "I have seen many firms come and go, but I intend to make sure that Guru IT Solutions is here to stay".

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